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April 2021

North Island Roadie, Petone

we're off

all seasons in one day 18 °C
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large_923640d0-a3d6-11eb-bfaf-9da2520bdf49.jpg55d03790-a3d6-11eb-bfaf-9da2520bdf49.jpgAwaiting a late ferry trip across Cook Strait. 558265b0-a3d6-11eb-bfaf-9da2520bdf49.jpglarge_54d22880-a3d6-11eb-802f-ebb03149e67e.jpgit has been a dramatic lead up to this holiday, what with the fridge deciding to freeze up and then late yesterday Sal discovered the water pump in the van was not working properly and thus there were frantic attempts to remedy it.Both of us have had trips to the dentist in the last couple of weeks as well.
However we are hoping all these issues are now behind us and we can focus on enjoying our journey.
When in Picton filling in time we went for a walk to Bob's Bay and came across this huge regatta at the Yacht Club.55160f50-a3d6-11eb-802f-ebb03149e67e.jpg
Trip was pleasant and passed quickly.IMG_3570.jpglarge_IMG_3571.jpgIMG_3582.jpgIMG_3579.jpg Maddie managed her time alone in the van well and before you knew it we were negotiating city motorways in the dark. We found the Petone Working Men's Club where we have parked for the night. quite an experience. Hugely busy and well patronised. We had a seafood chowder then back to the van for a good night's sleep we hope.

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North Island Roadie, Greytown


sunny 21 °C
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We left Petone nice and early as it only served as a place to put our heads down.
First stop was at a lovely cafe for morning coffee just before the Rimutaka Hill. large_IMG_3587.jpgThe weather gods are on our side today with a brilliant blue sky. The road over the Rimutaka is fantastic-oh that we had such a nicely designed road over the Weld Pass with passing bays that mean people dont get frustrated or harried.Wonderful views from the top.

On to Greytown. IMG_3595.jpglarge_IMG_3591.jpgIMG_3596.jpgSuch a beautiful place, so quaint and lots and lots to mooch over. I found the fabric store that I wanted to visit and made my purchase. We then drove around the back road to park by the river for a picnic lunch.Very similar to the Wairau River at home.

Back into town in the afternoon to visit the historic village. We spent some time having the printing press explained to us-very laborious and gives a new respect for newspaper production! in the past. We were going to spend the evening with Maddie's (Luke's partner) parents so headed north east and stopped en route at Stonehenge Aotearoa. IMG_3610.jpgThey gave a very good attempt at trying to make astrology understanding and just as well we saw the video prior to going out to see the stones.large_IMG_3606.jpg

We have driven around the countryside today and got a nice feel for the district which is rolling hills and also vineyards( where we are now).A meal at the Gladstone Pub last night which was very nice with good company. have met Nelson also a border terrier cross-very high spirited and lovable.large_IMG_3622.jpglarge_IMG_3611.jpg

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North Island Roadie, Remutaka Rail Trail

Remutaka Rail Trail

semi-overcast 18 °C
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Remutaka Rail Trail (note new spelling)
weather 18 and very gusty in the afternoon

We have been throughly well hosted by Maddie’s parents. What a beautiful setting and of course there is Nelson with his exuberance and loving nature. After a good night’s sleep we made a plan to go with Jo and bike the Remutaka Rail Trail. This is a bike trail that follows the incline up the Remutaka Hill-a specially engineered train (fell locomotive) was used to get extra traction up this very step hill-gives a clue as to the type of ride doesn’t it? large_IMG_3648.jpgIMG_3654.jpgIMG_3652.jpg

So we went with the camper back to Featherston to get sustenance and then up the side of Lake Wairarapa till we eventually found the beginning of the Trail. As it was Anzac Day and a long weekend it was busy. We had decided that Jo would ride my bike and I would walk with Maddie. large_IMG_3678.jpg large_982bd680-a601-11eb-9a14-db8dcf31da75.jpg

As we arrived the wind started up and boy can it gust. My walk was very pleasant-I walked into Cross Creek I suppose an hour up the hill, then Maddie was tired and we went down to the creek for water and a swim. The others returned about an hour after me and seems like it was a great ride with tunnels and a swing bridge-so I obviously made a good choice for myself.large_IMG_3661.jpglarge_IMG_3666.jpgIMG_3676.jpgIMG_3664.JPG

On the way back we went via Martinborough and walked around and tried a wine and bought a beautiful truffle cheese. Then onto another wine tasting place that had a very entertaining presenter and bought a very nice fortified Pinot. Back at Dakins Road and we shifted location. Maddie’s parents have made this luxury accomodation place in the old Ngaturi School which they relocated there about 2 years ago. It is now finished and just fabulous. Guests had been in there the last 2 nights but it was vacant, so we parked next to it and could use the bathroom facilities. Perfect after a strenuous bike ride. large_IMG_3684.jpg

The spoiling continued as we had a beautiful meal that evening with good wine cheese and company. What a perfect beginning to our holiday. Tomorrow we move onto Castle Point.

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North Island Roadie, Castlepoint

Castlepoint 26.4.21

sunny 16 °C
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After a stop in Masterton to complete the ablution-type activities that one must with a camper we were en route to Castlepoint. large_IMG_2399-preview.jpeglarge_IMG_3718.jpg

It is a lovely and varied drive to get there, much longer than i had realised. Passed quite a bit of traffic heading the other way which we took as a good sign, meaning that they had left Castlepoint and it would not be too crazy there altho still the school holidays.

We made a slight detour to Tinui, on recommendation to see where the first Anzac Service was held in 1916 and a cross that has been erected high on a mountain overlooking the area. large_IMG_3728.jpg
Castlepoint itself is quite a sizeable settlement. Just jaw dropping beauty. We were told by a local that we were seeing CP at its best and that it can be as dramatically awful also. As luck was on our side again-we found a park in the freedom camping area-someone just pulled out as we arrived. One of the things that has surprised me the most is all the traffic on the beach. With that in mind we asked a local if they recommended us parking on the sand overnight, but strongly advised against it as apparently the weather can change very fast. We will accept that advice! large_IMG_3762.jpgIMG_3745.jpglarge_IMG_3777.jpglarge_IMG_3749.jpglarge_IMG_3743.jpg

Also advice given was the it gets very windy about lunchtime, so the first thing we did was take a walk up to the light house. My love of heights (not) kicked in again but when a small boy said to me “you can do it” I knew I had to put my big girl pants on and get on with it! Surprising to see all the shells in the rock at such a height-told that it is 2 million years old. large_IMG_3804.jpg large_5d843e20-a659-11eb-952b-61229f1b934c.jpg

After lunch we walked on the beach again. Had an ice cream and it seems you can get fish and chips here-not surprising when you see all the fishing boats, then a walk to the northern end of the beach. It is very different and a beautiful surfing area. At this stage Sal and Maddie went for a long walk to Deliverance Cove and I made my way back to the van. large_IMG_3809.jpg large_IMG_3811.jpg

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North Island Roadie, Castlepoint

One of those days! 27.4.21....rainy and miserable 14 degrees

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We woke to strong wind blown rain, diametric opposite to the day before. However quite impressive. Sal and Maddie went exploring early. We have included some photos just to show the contrast. large_IMG_3862.jpgIMG_3816.jpglarge_IMG_3843.jpglarge_IMG_3831.jpg64116475610__1EEE9C3C-177D-4D78-92DD-3838598507CC.jpg

Got moving about 10am and enjoyed a quieter trip back to Masterton where we decided to refuel. That really is when they day turned into “one of those”. Nearing Masterton a light came up on the dash-‘transmission issue read the manual.’ That was not a good warning as it is the same light as when we had a whole new transmission fitted last year after Covid (fortunately just still in warranty)

After some quiet time we then decided that we really needed to get in touch with the people who had previousy fixed it - it was not something we could ignore and needed it attended to by Fiat people - the nearest of whom were in Palmerston North. In that instant all our plans changed. Travelled over the hill through some nice countryside and waited at the garage to be told it was a brake light issue, but they didn’t have the part - it needed to come from Italy and could take a month. We have decided to carry on and the part can arrive at Nelson and we get it attended to there.

Ok one crisis averted. Then onto Woodville via the Manawatu Gorge - still no lunch by this stage. However then there was a big detour, we found a scenic reserve for the Manawatu Gorge but it was shut and no dogs! By this time we were pretty much over the day. We had headed towards a place at Woodville but when we saw it we went for plan B. Now we are at Dannevirke at the golf club with power. It is freezing cold but the van is warm and we are in a quiet place. Tomorrow can only improve. We are going to Napier, where we will meet up with an old friend of Sally’s.

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