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we cross the Channel

Up nice and early to negotiate the very narrow gateway at Pat and Michael’s.First hurdle accomplished, it was then up to Heidi to guide us to Folkstone and our very major challenge of the Eurotunnel.

We had watched a You tube clip to get our heads around what was in store, and to be fair the anticipation was somewhat worse than reality. My major issue was the thought of us being under the sea and all that water above me. However once I distracted myself and started panicking about the next hurdle, it was over and done with pretty fast.L1070388.jpgL1070386.jpgL1070367.jpg

Border control on the French side was negligible. Driving on the RH side is a matter of us staying focussed. Simon had suggested tying something to the steering wheel to act as a prompt, which we have done. We needed fuel, so left the motorway and embarked on the first french refuel. Minor issue - we didn't know the french word for ‘diesel’, or how to read the self service instructions! Not until a big hairy biker came along could we proceed. Another trap for the uninitiated.

The landscapes so far is incredibly flat.That is my first impression.The weather over here is as foggy and grey as in England. Will be great to see sunshine again, the landscape would be so beautiful with some colour.It was quite a long haul up to Brugge and we stayed in the slow lane until we felt more confident. As we approached Brugge we made an error with our turnoff and got into a-bit of a pickle with the destination.

Our campsite is not what I expected and really just a parking area with water connection and discharge, no wi-fi. i was expecting a nice shower and amenities. Expensive as well. Another lesson for us, to be clear about where and what we aim for. The one very good plus about it is the location- right next to a canal and15 minute walk into the heart of Brugge.

It is so gorgeous. Endless shops of chocolates and laces, horse drawn carriages, beers, cobblestones, waffles and tourists. I can see why it is so popular. We were overwhelmed and.took some time before we decided on a meal and beer to reward ourselves for our first day in Europe.L1070423.jpgL1070415.jpgL1070402.jpg

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